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Learn live from experts, collaborate with peers and create real-world impact.

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Cohort-based Learning

Immerse yourself in a collaborative and supportive learning environment with our cohort-based approach.

Expert-Led Sessions

Gain insights and practical knowledge from our certified and experienced professionals in the industry.

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Solving business problems together

Experiential Learning

Dive into hands-on, experiential learning that goes beyond traditional classroom methods. Our bootcamp emphasizes practical and real-world application.

Build real-world, job-ready skills

Our curriculum is challenging and it is designed to equip you with the in-demand skills you need to grow and succeed as a Data Professional.

Live Instructor-led

Data Analytics and Reporting with Excel

5 weeks

Live Instructor-led

Reporting and Analytics with SQL

4 weeks

Live Instructor-led

Data Analytics and Reporting with Power BI

5 weeks

Live Instructor-led

Generative AI and prompt engineering

3 week

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Live Instructor-led

Portfolio and virtual internship

Flat Textured Puzzle Making

2 weeks

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How you will learn

Virtual Video Conference Call Coffee Break

Live instructor-led sessions

Engage in dynamic and interactive live sessions led by industry experts.

You'll have the opportunities to ask questions and participate in discussions, making the learning experience engaging and fulfilling.

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Self-paced courses

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Our comprehensive self-paced courses empower you to learn at your own convenience.

Access high-quality pre-recorded lectures, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources that allow you to study at your preferred pace.

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Virtual internship

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Gain practical experience through virtual internships with renowned companies in your chosen field.

Apply your newfound knowledge to real-world projects, solving industry challenges, and building your professional portfolio.

Flexible learning options

Choose the flexible learning option that best suits your schedule, whether it's Weekday sessions and Weekend sessions.




(1st Session - 8:30AM - 11:30AM)

(2nd Session - 1:00PM - 3:30PM)


(6 PM - 8 PM)



Microsoft Excel for Analytics and Reporting

Microsoft Excel 2019

This course will teach you the fundamentals of data analytics and reporting using Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to clean and prepare data for analysis, use basic and advanced Excel functions and formulas, create pivot tables and charts, and analyze data with multiple data sources.

You will also learn how to create and manage data models using Power Pivot.

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

  • Data analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Becoming a BI and Data Analyst - Skills required

Microsoft Excel fundamentals

  • Working with sheets and workbooks
  • Excel formulas and functions

Advanced Excel formulas and Functions

  • Using Defined names
  • Dynamic Arrays

Analyzing Data with PivotTables and Charts

  • Analyzing data with PivotTables and charts
  • Slicers and Timelines

Introduction to Power Query

  • Working with External Data sources such as Databases, folders, PDF etc

Cleaning and transforming Data

  • Data transformation
  • Merging and appending data
  • Grouping and summarizing data

Data Modeling and Power Pivot

  • Introduction to Data Modeling
    • Dimensions and fact tables
    • Primary and foreign keys
    • Creating and managing relationships

Analyzing Data with DAX

  • Analyzing Data with PivotTables with multiple tables

Designing automated reports and dashboards

Data Analytics and Reporting using Microsoft Power BI

This course will teach you how to use Power BI to visualize and report on data. You will learn how to prepare data for analysis, import data into Power BI, create data models, and create reports and dashboards.

You will also learn how to use Power BI to create data-driven stories.

Get started with Microsoft data analytics

  • Getting started with Power BI

Importing Data into Power BI

  • Work with external data sources such databases, excel workbooks, PDFs, Folder.

Cleaning and transforming Data

  • Basic Data transformation
  • Merging and appending data
  • Grouping and summarize data

Modeling data in Power BI

  • Design a data model in Power BI
  • Schemas: Star and snowflake schemas
  • Manage Relationships
  • Cardinality and Cross Filter Direction

Analyzing Data with DAX

  • DAX Functions
  • Calculated Columns and Calculated Tables
  • Aggregate functions and iterators
  • Time Intelligence calculations

Visualize data in Power BI

  • Work with Power BI visuals
  • Improving users experience with Bookmarks, tooltips, drillthroughs and buttons
  • Create a data-driven story with Power BI reports
  • Creating reports and dashboards in Power BI

Sharing and consuming Power BI Reports

  • Sharing reports on Microsoft Teams
  • Generating Power BI reports as PowerPoint slides for presentations
  • Sharing report on the web
  • Embedding reports on websites

SQL for Analytics and Reporting

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This course will teach you data analytics and reporting using SQL (Structured Query Language), the language used to communicate with databases. You will learn how to create and manage databases, select, insert, update, and delete data, group and filter data, and use joins and subqueries.

You will also learn how to use SQL functions and window functions.

Introduction to Databases, SQL, and Microsoft SQL Server

  • Installing SSMS and Azure Data Studio
  • SQL constraints
  • Creating Databases and Tables
  • Updating and managing databases

Data manipulation language

  • Extracting data with SELECT
  • Extracting data with conditions

Introduction to Aggregate functions

  • Summarizing and aggregating data with aggregate functions

Grouping and Filtering Data

  • GROUP BY with one column
  • GROUP BY with multiple columns

Case Statement

  • Creating conditional statements with CASE

SQL Joins

  • Analyzing data from multiple tables with Joins
  • Type of SQL Joins

Mastering SQL order of execution

Creating complext queries with Subqueries

Creating SQL Views

Working with SQL Advanced Functions

Working with Window functions

  • Partitioning data
  • Ranking data with RowNum, Rank and DENSE Rank
  • Time intelligence with LAG and LEAD

Generative AI for Data Analysts

Generative Ai Illustration

This course explains the techniques, approaches, and best practices for writing effective prompts.

You will learn about prompt techniques like zero-shot and few-shot, which can improve the reliability and quality of large language models (LLMs).You will also explore various prompt engineering approaches like Interview Pattern, Chain-of-Thought, and Tree-of-Thought, which aim at generating precise and relevant responses

Introduction to Generative AI

  • Introduction and Capabilities of Generative AI 
  • Applications and Tools of Generative AI 
  • Applications of Generative AI
    • Tools of Text Generation
    • Tools for Image Generation
    • Tools for Audio and video generation

Prompt Engineering

  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • Techniques and Approaches for Writing Effective Prompts

Generative AI for Data Analytics

  • Generative AI Tools for Data Analytics
  • Examples of Generative AI in Data Analytics
  • Generative AI for Data Generation and Augmentation
  • Generative AI for Data Preparation
  • Generative AI for Querying Databases
  • Generative AI for Data Insights
  • Generative AI for Data Visualization
  • Generative AI for Creating Dashboards
  • Generative AI for slides and presentations

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Excellent Rating

I just created and designed an interactive dashboard on Power BI from the scratch using different AI/Machine Learning visualizations on Power BI.

Thanks, Thomas Festus Cudjoe, my wonderful instructor, FestMan™ Learning Hub, for the learning platform. It was awesome working with you.

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Kafayat Bamishigbin

Maths tutor | Graphics designer

I am so grateful to the entire FestMan™ Learning Hub for awarding me a scholarship for their new curated HR analytics course.

The course has expanded my knowledge of data visualization and how to use tooltips to create additional visually appealing insights in your reports.

I enjoyed every bit of the course and would gladly recommend it to anyone aspiring to develop skills in data analytics.

Bright Alorwoyie

Client Delivery and Analytics Manager at SumsureIQ

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Thanks to Thomas Festus Cudjoe and FestMan™ Learning Hub for the detailed tutorial that guided me to design this Financial Analysis Report with Power BI, It was very helpful.

Richmond Yeboah

National Service Person

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This was fun!

Thank you FestMan™ Learning Hub for a wonderful learning experience, teaching us how to prepare, organize, model, and visualize data (using excel) to answer business questions.

I cannot wait to share my HR analytics projects (in progress)

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Rejoice Gorni

People Partner | HR Business Partner

It's been fun and challenging learning with Festman in the second part of the year and their courses have been a huge blessing in improving my data analytics skillset as I transition into the data space through business problem case scenarios.

Thank you very much FestMan™ Learning Hub, and your team for putting this amazing contents together

Victor Ayodeji

Clinical physiologist

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A Big thanks to FestMan™ Learning Hub for an opportunity to improve my skills in Power BI.

I also appreciate Thomas Festus Cudjoe for an insightful and wonderful session where I learned more on Data modeling, Data analysis, and Data Visualization.

Mary Titus

Financial reporting


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Thank you FestMan™ Learning Hub for the Python for Data Science fundamentals training.

I learned about NumPy, pandas, concepts such as Dataframe, loops, sets & dictionaries, and functions.

This training is highly recommended. The learning continues with the Bootcamp in 2023.

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Ayodeji Popoola

Data Analyst | Trade Finance Officer

FestMan™ Learning Hub has good guided projects and courses.

In this guided project, Thomas Festus Cudjoe gives a heuristic teaching experience on creating a financial dashboard in Power BI, highlighting some of the financial metrics and KPIs.

Victor Nyakako

Data Analyst

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The idea of DAX calculations has always been intimidating for me.

After going through this project with aid of FestMan™ Learning Hub, I finally have an understanding of how DAX and time intelligence calculations are done.

Tafadzwa Chigwada

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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FestMan Learning Hub is a digital learning platform that provides premium digital skills in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Financial Modeling.

All rights reserved 2023

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